California Private Photo/Videos Tours & Workshops

"Amazing places for make for amazing photographs…” (Michael Routh)


Are you tired of photographing the same old locations around your home? RX-Sierra_2908RX-Sierra_2908

Are you tired of people saying, “Oh, I’ve seen that before…” when they look at your photographs?

Would you like to be in nature’s most beautiful locations learning from a professional with over 20 years of experience s
hooting photos and videos?

Do wish the first word people said when they look at your photographs was, “WOW!”

Michael Routh has taken hundreds of thousands of photographs in the most incredible locations around the country. His photography has been published hundreds of times. Michael's artwork is most known for its original compositions from unknown locations. He has photographed in the most adverse conditions in nature imaginable including wildfires, blizzards, gale force winds,
lightning, desert dust storms, driving rain & hail, and unimaginable heat and cold. He has
also experienced all kinds of equipment failure in the field, including breaking the leg of a carbon fiber tripod in the winter snow of Yosemite – and breaking the lens release button on his $8,000 camera body on the first day of a week-long trip to Utah…forcing him to shoot the entire trip with a 24mm T/S lens. (On that trip, he took some of the best photographs of his career with just one lens…) He will teach you what to do in the field and why to take professional-caliber photographs.

Now, you can hire Michael to guide you to unforgettable photography locations. He will tailor a tour agenda that fits your skill level, physical fitness level, and expectations. All tours include detailed field photography instruction and post-production workflow with Adobe Lightroom & Camera RAW and Photoshop. Whether you are a beginner and want to Sierra_7808Sierra_7808
do “side-of-the-road” photography in a national park – or an advanced amateur or professional who wants to do long 10-15 mile photo day-hikes or multi-day photo backpacking trips, Michael will bring you on a tour that will exceed your expectations.





Some possible locations include, but are not limited to:

Yosemite NP Death Valley NP
Joshua Tree NP Lassen NP
Glacier NP Yellowstone NP
Crater Lake NP Grand Canyon NP
Zion NP Bryce Canyon NP
Arches NP Canyonlands NP
Capital Reef NP Grand Staircase Escalante
Rocky Mountain NP Everglades NP
Smoky Mountain NP Shenandoah NP


International trips are also available. Dogs welcome. For more information, please contact us on our Contact page at the following link. Contact Us 

Click on the slideshow below for a sense of what a photo tour is like.