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Most professional photographers want the own fine art photograph gallery to display their work (whether they admit it or not). Unfortunately, the cost of signing a five year lease for retail space, decorating and lighting a gallery, framing artwork and paying employees is astronomical. All of these costs must be rolled into the price of the photographer’s photographs in order to make a profit.

Michael Routh has taken a different approach to showing his artwork. He put the fine art photography gallery in his home – eliminating the excessive costs of a retail gallery. He uses these savings to keep the investment for his artwork very attainable for private collectors. Further, if you are considering investing in fine artwork for your home, what better way to see the artwork than in a non-pressure home environment?

Michael Routh’s fine art photography gallery is located in the foothills of Morgan Hill, CA – 75 miles south of San Francisco and 25 miles south of San Jose, CA. Please call (408) 460-4818 for an appointment. Dogs welcome.

Please click on the first thumbnail below to see a short video on the current exhibit.