Photography & Video Training by a Professional


If you bought a point & shoot or DSLR camera, or a video camcorder and are disappointed with the quality of your images, we can help you improve! If you are a beginning, intermediate or advanced photographer or videographer, we can take you to the next level.


Learn all aspects of shooting great photos and video including:

  • When to use auto vs. manual settings
  • The art of composition
  • Controlling depth of field
  • Focusing techniques for sharp images
  • Controlling the exposure
  • When to use flash vs. natural lighting
  • What do all the camera menu options mean?
  • Digital photo printing & video editing


Learn how to shoot portraits, children, events, nature, wildlife, pets, travel and night time lapse.


Learn digital post production using:

  • -Adobe Photoshop Elements & Photoshop CS6
  • -Adobe Lightroom & Adobe Camera RAW
  • -Adobe Premier Elements & Premier CS6


Discounts available for training packages. In the field private photo tours and workshops available.


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